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established in June 1991, based entirely on polish capital, the company is one of the leaders in production of chimney systems made of  stainless steel, thriving in the branch of heating solutions for years.


Chimney systems

Chimneys are special systems designed to exhaust fumes from different types of buildings. Their efficiency and tightness is crucial in keeping the people inside those buildings safe.

In order to conform to the norms and certificates chimneys are produced and assembled according to strict regulations and restrictions. TARNAWA  is an experienced and widely recognized producer of chimney systems made of acid-resistant steel. All of our products fulfil safety standards in accordance with Polish and European law.

We specialize in one-wall, acid-resistant chimneys of SPS and JS type, two-wall, acid-resistant chimneys of DS type and WPPS coaxial chimney, aerial and internal combustion systems. Advanced technology and design guarantee great characteristics and versatility of our chimneys.

We have been producing, selling and assembling metal chimney elements since the establishment of a company. Innovative solutions and fulfillment of the market’s demand are our priorities. Our great experience and knowledge of the subject led to the creation of various chimney systems currently in our offer

TARNAWA products are fully adjusted to present-day requirements. Durability and resistance of used materials assure complete tightness of our systems allowing them to exhaust fumes from different kinds of fuels.

All chimneys require a professional assembly which is also among many services offered by TARNAWA. Our priority is to offer large variety of services and bring satisfaction to our clients. Join them today.

Chimney and revision doors

One of many profiles of activity of the Factory of Chimney Elements TARNAWA is production of chimney and revision doors. Chimney doors can be installed to already existing ceramic chimneys as well as new, stainless steel ones.

High quality and visual appearance of doors makes them perfect to assemble in open residential areas.

Doors are made of stainless steel type 1.4301 and zinc coated steel.

Doors are powder coated in white, black or covered in primer.

Protective and ventilation grates

TARNAWA offers protective and ventilation grates. Basic material for grates production is steel. Grates can be powder coated, offered colors are: white, gold, silver or copper.

We also produce grates from zinc coated and stainless steel sheets in two versions – with and without shutter. The design of grates enables quick assembly and disassembly (for cleaning) as only the frame of the grate is attached to the opening.

Grates are used as:

  • aesthetic covers for warm air chimney outlets;
  • aesthetic covers for outlets from lines distributing warm air;
  • aesthetic covers for ventilation lines;
  • aesthetic covers for side chimney outlets as they are resistant to changing weather conditions;
  • aesthetic covers for air outlets in air vents.

According to the norm Pn-83/B-0340 ventilation systems in buildings should ensure air supply from outside to the rooms, kitchen, bathroom as well as exhaust of fumes. Natural, gravitational ventilation depends on outer and inner temperature difference and on air movement (wind). It often fails in summer when inner and outer temperatures are on the same level and that can lead to the disappearance of chimney draught. In winter it is necessary to take fumes out to the chimney conduit (ventilation conduit).

Air ventilation for boiler-room should be designed to ensure proper amount of air needed for fuel combustion The approximate amount for a gas furnace is 1.6 m³/h of air for 1kw of furnace’s capacity. In dwelling houses fresh air should be delivered as stated in the norm Pn-83/B-0340 and showed below:

Room Air volume stream m³/h Remarks
Dwelling houses    
Kitchen with a window -  
– a gas or coal cooker 70  
– an electric cooker for 1 or 2 persons 30  
– an electric cooker for 3 persons 50  
Kitchen without window -  
– with electric cooker 50  
Bathroom 50  
Toilet 30  
Utility room without window 15  
Rooms, bedrooms 20 per person
Group dwelling buildings (hotels, dormitories etc.)    
Common room, dining-room 20 per person, min. one change per hour
Rooms, bedrooms 20 per person
– single 40  
– collective 50 25 m³/h urinal
Showers – single 30 Collective, min 5 changes per hour
Smoking 35 Per person, min 10 changes per hour
Public utility buildings    
Rooms for permanent and temporary stay for people    
– no permit for smoking 20 per person
– permit for smoking 30 per person
Nursery, kindergarten 15 per person

Implemented Quality Management System ITB/-023/S fulfilling the quality norms of ISO 9001 ensures that ventilation and protective grates produced in TARNAWA meet all the requirements of the norm. All the raw materials, paints and  components used to produce the grates are attested which allows us to mark our products with CE sign.

Chimney bases

TARNAWA chimney bases are made of 1.4404 stainless steel inserts surrounded by 50 mm thick mineral wool and covered by stainless outer covers.

The base of  the element has the dimensions of the chimney or ventilation system it is prepared to fit. The diameter of the inner pipe matches the one of the corresponding system. The chimney base top ends with a filter tip initially directing the wind for the circular rings at the top end of the base. The force of the wind, hitting the diagonally positioned rings is directed up creating vacuum and further improving the chimney draft.


Custom products

From the beginning, the main focus of TARNAWA have been to improve and diversify its production methods.

Thanks to thoughtful investments into the machine park and experience gainer throughout the years, the company has managed to expand the range of its services to incorporate the production of a variety of custom elements.

We specialize in production of custom furniture and construction elements but we are open to new challenges and ready to actively participate in the development and testing process of products together with our potential customers.

Laser cutting

Laser allows cutting of any desired shape without further processing of metal. Sheet is cut with 0.1 mm accuracy which results in repetitive and precisely made details of metal elements.


Punching is a method of cutting out elements from a metal sheet by the use of a predefined set of tools commonly reffered to as "punches". We offer a fully automatic cutting process through the use of a CNC revolver press with a wide variety of custom tools. This method may not be reccomended for small batches and complicated elements but it is very efficient when used for large batches and repeatable elements which makes it a great alternative for laser cutting.

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