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What are cookies?

Cookie files (also known as "cookies") are small text files stored on the device by means of which the page that uses them is viewed. They may contain plain text, logical values (true / false), or also other encoded information.

What information do the cookies of our site contain and how do we use them?

The cookies created by us may contain information that is necessary for the functioning of the page, from a technical point of view, the login session, the data on the equipment used by visitors to the site (such as the version of the operating system, web browser, screen resolution, etc.), the user's IP address.

These data may be used by us to ensure proper operation of the site, as well as analytical and statistical purposes.

Cookies do not contain sensitive information about you!

Do I need to agree to these practices?

No. The user has the right to decide whether the pages that they visit may use cookies and save them on the device. However, this may lead to a loss of part of the functionality of the site.

How can I disable cookies?

In your browser, there is the option to disable the functionality of cookies.

If I do not turn off the cookies do Iagree on their use? Our site uses cookies - for more information.

Yes. By using the site, while not having set the cookies lock in your browser, you agree to their use.

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