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Working capital grant project, part of Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020


established in June 1991, based entirely on polish capital, the company is one of the leaders in production of chimney systems made of  stainless steel, thriving in the branch of heating solutions for years.

TARNAWA offers high quality, chimney systems made of acid-resistant steel as well as chimney inserts, uninsulated systems, detached chimneys, aerial and combustion systems, uninsulated and insulated systems for boilers with closed combustor. All of our systems and elements can be applied in industry as well as in housing and can be used for exhausting fumes from boilers fueled by gas, heating oil and solid fuel (wood).

Our offer also includes chimney doors, ventilation grids, chimney bases and ventilation channels in different shapes.

Our activity also includes services such as: powder coating, laser cutting,  punching and bending of metal elements. We offer assembly of chimneys and milling of ceramic mortars. Great experience, qualified staff and up-to-date machine base guarantee quality of products and services offered by TARNAWA as well as professional, technical support.

Tarnawa company participates in a Working capital grant project as part of Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020 funded by European Regional Development Fund.

- The aim of the project is to help companies in overcoming the financial difficulties connected to the COVID-19 pandemic.

- Project value/EU financial input – 356 816,16 PLN

- The goal of the company is to use to provided funds t maintain financial stability.

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Wytwórnia Elementów Kominowych TARNAWA Spółka Jawna
L.Wajda, W.Wajda, R.Nazimek

ul. Giełdowa 22, 33-100 Tarnow, Poland

tel. 14 63 18 300
fax: 14 63 18 301

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