Aspiromat rotating ball

Rotating chimney base, Aspiromat, is the tool that uses wind force to support the chimney draft. Regardless of the direction and power of the wind the turbine of the base rotates always in the same direction.

It can be assembled on the top of chimneys with gravity ventilation systems. The element works in maximum of 150°C.

Rotating system: two rolling bearings. The rotating base is made of stainless steel within the following range of diameters: 150-220 mm. Turbine paddles (rotating head) are connected with a cup in the top and with a ring in a lower part. Turbine is located on a shaft installed in the body with the use of two bearings. Aspiromat can be applied:

  • For supporting the gravity exhaust ventilation
  • When the location of the chimney leads to the creation of wind spins on the tip of the chimney
  • In case of specific terrain and frequent winds (II and III wind zone)
  • In case of lack of stabilized chimney draft or when it is too small.

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