Chimney systems

Chimneys are special systems designed to exhaust fumes from different types of buildings. Their efficiency and tightness is crucial in keeping the people inside those buildings safe.

In order to conform to the norms and certificates chimneys are produced and assembled according to strict regulations and restrictions. TARNAWA  is an experienced and widely recognized producer of chimney systems made of acid-resistant steel. All of our products fulfil safety standards in accordance with Polish and European law.

We specialize in one-wall, acid-resistant chimneys of SPS and JS type, two-wall, acid-resistant chimneys of DS type and WPPS coaxial chimney, aerial and internal combustion systems. Advanced technology and design guarantee great characteristics and versatility of our chimneys.

We have been producing, selling and assembling metal chimney elements since the establishment of a company. Innovative solutions and fulfillment of the market’s demand are our priorities. Our great experience and knowledge of the subject led to the creation of various chimney systems currently in our offer

TARNAWA products are fully adjusted to present-day requirements. Durability and resistance of used materials assure complete tightness of our systems allowing them to exhaust fumes from different kinds of fuels.

All chimneys require a professional assembly which is also among many services offered by TARNAWA. Our priority is to offer large variety of services and bring satisfaction to our clients. Join them today.

SPS system

Single-wall air combustion system can be applied in existing brick inserts as well as in a smoke conduit. It fuels the combustion entirely with air outside of the boiler room.

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