JS system

One-wall flues of the JS type are used for existing chimneys and serve as inserts that can be surrounded with the insulation made of mineral wool.

They are also used in the smoke conduit sector.

Flues of the JS type are designed for gas, heating oil and wood boilers in house-building (single-family and multifamily), institutions and industry.

The Factory of Chimney Elements TARNAWA General Partnership gained  (in 26.09.2008) a certificate released by the Building Research Institute in Warsaw, Filtrowa 1 Street, no. 1488-CPD-0052 that authorize for marking the chimney system of the JS type and chimney elements of the J type with the CE mark. PN-EN 1856-1 norm is the benchmark.

Available diameters 100 – 500 mm
Wall thickness 0,5 – 1,0 mm
Material 00H17N14M2 /1.4404/
Working method Negative flue pressure
Tightness grade N1
Max. Temperature 450
Temperature grade T450
Fuel type Gas, heating oil, wood
Distance from flammable materials 500 mm

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