Custom products

From the beginning, the main focus of TARNAWA have been to improve and diversify its production methods.

Thanks to thoughtful investments into the machine park and experience gainer throughout the years, the company has managed to expand the range of its services to incorporate the production of a variety of custom elements.

We specialize in production of custom furniture and ...

Laser cutting

Laser allows cutting of any desired shape without further processing of metal. Sheet is cut with 0.1 mm accuracy which results in repetitive and precisely made details of metal elements.


Punching is a method of cutting out elements from a metal sheet by the use of a predefined set of tools commonly reffered to as "punches". We offer a fully automatic cutting process through the use of a CNC revolver press with a wide variety of custom tools. This method may not be reccomended for small batches and complicated elements but ...

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Wytwórnia Elementów Kominowych TARNAWA Spółka Jawna
L.Wajda, W.Wajda, R.Nazimek

ul. Giełdowa 22, 33-100 Tarnow, Poland

tel. 14 63 18 300
fax: 14 63 18 301

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