Laser cutting

Laser allows cutting of any desired shape without further processing of metal. Sheet is cut with 0.1 mm accuracy which results in repetitive and precisely made details of metal elements.

We offer:

  • high quality and precision of cutting
  • cutting of one element as well as a few thousand elements
  • Repeatedly cut elements match the original in 100%
  • Cut elements usually do not require further processing to achieve desired shape
  • Small amount of waste as a result of optimal positioning of cut elements on the sheet

Our equipment:


  • Laser power 3.5 kW
  • Types of lenses 5’’; 7,5’’
  • Work area  
    • X=3000 mm
    • Y=1500 mm
    • Z= 115 mm
  • Max. Thickness of metal sheets
    • black steel 20 mm
    • Stainless steel 10 mm


  • Laser power  3 kW
  • Work area 
    • X=3000 mm
    • Y=1500 mm
    • Z= 180 mm
  • Max. Thickness of metal sheets
    • black steel 20 mm
    • Stainless steel 10 mm
    • Aluminum 10 mm

Price offer is prepared after the analysis of received documentation and drawings of cut elements. We accept the drawings in DWG or DFX (AutoCAD) formats. Please, send the drawings in 1:1 scale, it shortens the time and decreases the costs of completing the production order.

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Wytwórnia Elementów Kominowych TARNAWA Spółka Jawna
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